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EPiC MiNDs exploits a unique, yet time proven approach using interactive, hands-on, activity-based strategy games and activities to prepare students with the capabilities they all require to be successful, active, confident, connected, and independent lifelong learners.

Developed by NZ trained teachers in conjunction with NZ schools, EPiC MiNDs supports schools in their mission to deliver an outstanding curriculum, incorporating the Five Key Competencies of Learning - Thinking Skills, Managing Self, Relating to Others, Language, Symbols and Text, Participating and Contributing.

EPiC MiNDs provides the tools, resources, activities and training for educators to facilitate, engage and challenge learners through, inquiry, self direction, and participation.

Experiencing a fun, and non computer-based environment, children, parents, and teachers have the opportunity to unlock, develop, practice and reflect on critical key life competencies in:

Thinking Skills Strategic Planning Problem-solving 
Conflict Resolution Critical Analysis Communication & Negotiation
Decision-making Inquiry-based Learning Information Analysis 
Self-confidence Financial Literacy Intelligent Risk-taking


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